Who Needs Graphic Designers Anyways?

I received a phone call yesterday from someone looking for a website. After quoting them a price and explaining to them the steps involved, however, the woman balked and said, “Well, I don’t see why I need you! I can get myself a free site! Why should I pay for you?” Why, indeed?

This is a question I am often asked – what is the point of graphic designers nowadays? Between eLance, Fiverr, Wix, and all the other free graphic and web deisgn services out there, why should I hire someone like you? Or better yet, let me save money and do it all myself!

My response is, you are absolutely right. So go ahead! Try it! Make your own website, or pay $5 for a logo that you can download and just add your name. But here’s the thing – there is no comparison between a logo created just for you by a talented and experienced designer who sits with you until it looks just right and makes sure it really reflects your company, and a logo created with no one particular in mind.

We designers are trained to help you. Our jobs are to make you look good. You COULD sew your own clothes, and people do, but unless you are really fashion-savvy, you will probably look much better if you take a trip to the mall and leave the fashion design to the experts. A good graphic designer will sit with you and listen to what you need, and will then help you build up a good brand for your business. There is no comparison as to the level of professionalism of a website created for free from stock templates, and one tailor made by a qualified team of web designers and digital marketers.

I am not saying that Fiverr and eLance are not great tools – they really can be, under the right circumstances. What I AM saying is not to write off graphic designers so fast – for those professionals who value quality, and who want to make sure they are making the best impression on their customers, a good graphic designer is essential.

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