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Israel Innovation is a non-profit project run by Oramed, an Israeli pharmaceutical company involved in cutting edge technology in the industry. The idea behind Israel Innovation is basically to create awareness of all the amazing innovations that Israel has developed over the years, in all sectors, with a strong focus on medicine and hi-tech. They approached me to create an identity for them, which we then followed through to a powerpoint presentation and one page website.

They gave me a lot of freedom with this project, so I approached the logo initially by brainstorming the words “technology,” “Innovation,” and “Israel.” My initial sketches were basically along the lines of “idea” (lightbulb), the Israeli flag, gears, or a play on the 2 letters II:

I was drawn to the designs that were unique takes on old ideas, like the lightbulb, the 6 pointed star, and the Israeli flag. I felt it was very in line with what Israeli innovators try to do – put unique and innovative spins on old ideas. My first round of comps for the client included 3 of my initial ideas:

I personally liked #2, I thought it was such a simple and elegant solution, but the client really liked #3, but wanted to explore it more. That led to this:

Which was basically me exploring the different innovative ways I could show a Jewish star. I really liked the idea of 4 and 5, an icon made up of one uninterrupted line, although I didn’t like the coloring there, but again, the client went with #7. We ended up with the original coloring from the first round, with the 3D effect from Illustrator applied. The font I ended up using was Trajan Sans, which is a really beautiful font, and again, is a modern take on an old design. Here is the final logo:

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  1. I LOVE the logo and I LOVE the article. What a great insight into your process and collaboration with a client. The end result, even though it wasn’t your first choice, is quite fabulous. Can’t wait for more.


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